The Author


I have always been kind of a nomad. I was born in Taiwan, then moved to Canada at the age of 10, and moved again, to the Land of Oz (Australia) for medical school, where I am currently working as a doctor-in-training.

I am a rather private person. A perfect Sunday to me is sitting in a coffee shop with my skinny cappuccino and pretending to read a book while people-watching. I am fascinated by the little things in life. I’d listen to the white noise of rain, the rustling of leaves, a slice of the ocean waves as encapsulated in seashells, beautifully written sentences, and my interpretation of them.

Perhaps it’s the nomadic lifestyle. In spite of having dipped myself in multiple servings of melting pots, I always feel disconnected everywhere I go. Even though I have a soft spot for my family and am deeply rooted to my Taiwanese background, I feel as though I was homeless under a roof. So I turn to words to find solace.

And hopefully you’ll find something similar in mine.